Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Italian Invasion (and a sale)

John, Paul, Ringo & George, move over. 

Dominic, Luciano, Salvatore & Giuseppe are in town. 

In typical Italian style, they go big.

We recently discovered that one of our favorite companies will no longer be carrying one of our
favorite products: the hand painted mirrors they import from Tuscany. 
Stop the presses! We decided to go big and get more than a few. We were feeling excited (if not a bit 
elated) to take such a plunge, until they arrived and we had a small moment that went something like.....
'dear god....what have we done?'

Where's Waldo? There's a framer in there.... 


Look at that package, though. Frah-gee-lay...must be Italian.
You know what's in there.

                                 Listen carefully. Come on, lean in. Can you hear the angel chorus? 


                              We put the mirrors in ourselves. 
                       We're sort of handy with that kind of stuff.

          We're swimming in them. But we don't mind getting a bit pruny...we just can't get enough.

We have loads of their photo frames, too.....


                            PS Did we mention that the MIRRORS are on SALE?



                                 For a limited time, ALL MIRRORS are 40% OFF!


                                        Just the mirrors, not the photo frames. Grazie mille!



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